Digital Future

As a software company, we are focused on technological progress. You can read in our article how the digital change will alter our world.

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Testing new and modern technology and integrating it into our everyday work is an important part of our company.

Automation and digital disruption are values which are important for us and also our clients.

We change companies by making future technology tangible and available today and implementing it.

Digital disruption by innovation and new technologies

We think of future and in particular of the digital future for which we have a clear Digital Strategy.

New technologies will change a lot. Digitization will create new business models and markets in the future. With digital disruption, we prepare for a successful business future and offer this also to our clients.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two examples for digital projects which are disseminating in society.

The technologies have reached the mass market. Now it is time that we as a company create application cases in order to present the new technology and to show the benefit to the client.

Project examples for digital change

Together with our clients we work on making new technologies suitable for daily use. The digital future is quasi our DNA.

A selection of our clients and projects:

Client project with Audi

Digital Retail can look like this. The Cyberstore Audi City is a development with Virtual Reality and other technologies which lets you experience Audi digital in the store.

Client project with BMW

With the individually programmed software for BMW the metrology in the EMC department has been automated and therefore the evaluation highly optimized.

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