How we work

We implement the technological progress with professional cooperation and new methods.
We profoundly get acquainted with the projects of our clients, understand them and, as a result, develop solutions which create unexpectedly high added value. Our working together is based on a modern work culture.

We apply new methods

In software development, new methods are created continually to optimize processes. Both SCRUM and Agile software development are good approaches which are applied by many teams. However, these methods have also disadvantages which we, as new direction, did not want to accept.

Often the complete overview across the whole project length is lacking, thus creating considerable communication effort and loss of time for coordination of the individual teams.

With our newly developed method, RapidImpact, we rely on the best of methods and develop software following our own new approach.

Find out more about the SAFe.

Hierarchies are outdated

We live and work following a modern approach of work culture. Clear hierarchies no longer exist. The sense of responsibility of the members of the staff is trained from the very beginning so that they can work in a free and flexible way. 

For us, flat hierarchies provide faster decisions and more adaptability. Apart from a digital strategy, this is, in our digital society, an important key element to remain competitive in the market.

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The advantage of Agile working teams

In combination with our RapidImpact method, our project management has become noticeably faster. Our Agile working teams contribute to this with great diligence and professionalism. First results become clearly visible and errors can be detected fortunately at an early stage which again increases the flexibility in our projects. 

Constant communication between the teams is consolidated and optimized by the IntelliMaster.