The Academy of new direction

In our academy for executives and software developers we offer workshops and advanced training opportunities. Personal development will qualify you in your profession for the tasks of the future.
digital emotional leader

Digital Emotional Leadership®

Emotional Leadership Skills

The Digital Emotional Leadership® Program produces the new executives of tomorrow. Leadership is changing. Digital companies have new requirements and employees have new ideas how they can contribute.

As a Digital Emotional Leader® you know how to deal with this. A new mindset, the right technology and motivating leadership are points which have to be mastered and consolidated.

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Developer Method RapidImpact

Achieve Goals Faster

We have the mindset for applying new technologies. We implement technological progress fast and secure for a top position in the digital competition. Closely connected with our digital strategy is working on projects following a totally new methodology.

Our clients are amazed how profoundly we become acquainted with their topics and as a result develop solutions which create unexpectedly high added value.

RapidImpact is a newly developed approach of software development based on existing processes resulting in faster execution and successful implementation.

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