Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)

Many companies are caught up in outdated processes and organizational hierarchies that make it difficult for them to quickly recognize market signals and react to them. A smoother way of working would help them to stay ahead of the competition, a way of working that allows new technologies to be quickly evaluated, tested, analyzed and implemented.

Hundreds of the world's most successful companies achieve this with the application of the Scaled Agile Frameworks® (SAFe). 

How can the new direction GmbH support you?
  • Does your company suffer from lengthy processes?
  • Would you like to significantly increase productivity and react faster to market signals?
  • Should your company benefit as much as possible from digitization?
  • Would you like to increase employee retention and job satisfaction in your company?

Our experts will help you to successfully implement SAFe in your company.

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What is special about SAFe?

SAFe combines the iterative development practices of Agile with the mindset of lean manufacturing. The goal is to optimize resources and to maximize customer value.

SAFe in combination with Lean enables companies to scale the benefits of Lean and Agile at all levels of the company, to create efficiency and to link strategy with execution. Organizations are supported with the help of SAFe to develop better systems and software to better meet changing customer requirements.

SAFe promotes alignment, collaboration and provision in a large number of agile teams. As the Scaled Agile case studies show, companies around the world use SAFe to achieve their business goals and transform themselves into a business that benefits from digitalization.

With SAFe, hard work pays off in the earliest stages of implementation. Most organizations implement SAFe gradually - this type of implementation has proven itself and has led to both early profits and sustainable long-term profits. 

How can you benefit from SAFe?

Nothing speaks for the use of SAFe as much as the achieved results. Companies report:

  • 20 to 50 percent increase in productivity
  • 25 to 75 percent quality improvement
  • 30 to 75 percent faster market launch
  • 10 to 50 percent higher employee retention and job satisfaction

SAFe manages your company as a whole with the help of lean, agile decision-making across functional and organizational boundaries.

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