AL-KO Makes Caravanning fit for the Future

AL-KO Makes Caravanning fit for the Future

The client: AL-KO

The company AL-KO has already built up a long-standing reputation in the area of automotive engineering. They implement innovative lightweight technology which promises more comfort, security and vehicle dynamics.

The problem

Those who go on a camping trip often take their whole home with them in form of a caravan which is just connected to the car thus elongating the vehicle. The problem so far was, that this meant unstable driving in case of evasive maneuvers and fast curves.

Since AL-KO had already to show some product in the caravan area, also this problem had to be solved technically with the anti-skid system Trailer Control (ATC), and digitally with the development of an app.

The goal

The caravan should be equipped technically with the latest systems to be able to offer the driver the highest possible safety and comfort on the road. In addition, the driver should keep an eye on the technology digitally with an app and register problems in real time.

The solution

The automotive engineering was extended with the ATC so that the caravan can be kept better in track. With this AL-KO was one of the first suppliers introducing sensor technology in the chassis and directly in the towing bar area the 2LINK box was installed.

The box received an interface to the individually developed app via bluetooth. The app is available for the users free of charge for iOS and Android.

The driver can see during the trip at any time the status of his 2LINK box.

Additional features which are available with the smartphone app are:

  • instruction manuals for AL-KO products
  • route planer to the next service station
  • bubble level function for adjusting the caravan

The benefit

The newly developed caravan technology of AL-KO becomes accessible for the user with the smartphone app. The app offers an intuitive and fast possibility to keep an eye on the 2LINK box and to select settings.

These and other software projects we implement at the new direction GmbH fast and reliably with our developer method RapidImpact. For questions or concrete requests please do not hesitate to contact us.

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