Carad: Individual software for internal measuring at BMW

Carad: Individual software for internal measuring at BMW

The client

The BMW Group AG with headquarters in Munich, is a leading supplier of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.

The core problem

As part of the EMC measurements of vehicle control units it is necessary during the documentation to summarize information from various areas.

Error memory entries are readout, bus traffic is protocolled, visual inspections carried out and measuring data recorded.

Missing interfaces between the inventory tools have as result that the information from the various areas have to be laboriously put together by hand for a report.

Furthermore, at least two employees have to continuously oversee the measurement in order to possibly observe all the incidents and keep general measuring errors low.

The objective

Optimizing the measuring results and minimizing resources.

The solution

The new direction company supported the internal ECM department in compiling a solution concept as well as in discussions with other system partners. Die new direction prepared all concept and implementation documents.

In order to prove the viability of the solution concept the new direction implemented interface prototypes together with the system partners.

Subsequent to this the solution was implemented by the new direction and was launched in cooperation with the internal EMC department and the system partners.

In addition, the new direction carried out the training of the users and since then takes care of maintenance and extension of the solution.

The benefit

The solution provides an automatic control without interruption of all systems. The implementation of the exact recognition of measuring events allows for automated protocolling of all relevant events in real time.

In order to maximize the overview for the measuring personnel the current areas are visualized in real time and all event relevant system data are protocolled as well.

Due to system independence, the solution can also be used on the laptop and depending on the linked system it is also usable purely as error memory analysis or for visualization.

The solution has significantly reduced the amount of work of the measuring personnel while the accuracy of the measurement protocol has enormously increased the informational value of the protocol.

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