Greatly improved flow of essential business processes at APZ GmbH

Greatly improved flow of essential business processes at APZ GmbH

The client:

APZ GmbH is one of Germany's large leading service providers for professional vehicle preparation. The company supports business customers such as car dealerships, fleet operators and fleet managers with individual vehicle solutions - from vehicle cleaning to full-service vehicle management.

APZ GmbH also offers private customers selected vehicle care packages and value-preserving services at a high level of quality.

The problem:

APZ GmbH wanted to digitize the use of handouts and Excel lists in essential business processes. The previous process of determining the vehicle location was also time-consuming and needed to be revolutionized. Invoicing was sometimes delayed and the company saw a need for action in this regard.

The goal:

Customized software was to enable the creation of an integrated business landscape from order to invoicing. The goal was the implementation and continuous optimization of digital processes as well as the best possible reduction of error sources. Mobile support was to be ensured by a custom-fit app.

The project was also intended to give APZ GmbH a competitive edge through the implementation of optimal, highly individualized business processes.

The solution:

APZ GmbH wanted to be one of the first companies in the industry to provide its partners with a pioneering paperless order management system, and this was successfully achieved with DIA.

The results speak for themselves - thanks to DIA, the following functions are now possible:

- Greatly improved flow of essential business processes
- Fast digital order entry, processing and control
- Order allocation on site level
- Mapping of individual customer price lists as a further competitive
- Customer-specific release of services
   (e.g. car wash, interior cleaning, etc.)
- Automated invoice runs
- Detailed target group-specific evaluations

The benefit:

With DIA, a noticeable cost saving has become possible, which can be passed on to the customer. The app and online platform provide an intuitive and fast way to enter orders digitally, and provide increased customer satisfaction.

"Using DIA allowed us to expand our customer base tremendously"

At new direction GmbH, we implement such and similar software projects quickly and reliably. If you have any questions or a specific request, please feel free to contact us directly.

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