Digital Retail: Experiencing Audi digital in the cyberstore Audi City

Digital Retail: Experiencing Audi digital in the cyberstore Audi City

The client

With the brands Audi and Lamborghini, the Audi Group is since years one of the most successful automobile manufacturers in the premium and super sports car segment. Since 2012 motorcycles of the traditional Italian brand Ducati complement the offer.

The starting point

2In 2012, a highly innovative project is completely and punctually launched: the Cyberstore for the metropolis, the worldwide first digital showroom – Audi City.

The objective

The worldwide rollout of high quality, innovative, IT supported sales products that prove again in an impressing way, at each new location „Vorsprung durch Technik“ (advantage through technology). The car should be put together individually and, among others, should be experienced with Virtual Reality technology.

The solution

The new direction company supported in the first years in several central project areas:

  • Early-Live-Support
  • Integration management
  • Lab management
  • Release management
  • Rollout
  • System architecture

Meanwhile the focus changed to the three areas event support, product ownership and project management for highly innovative technology prototypes.

Konzept Audi City Berlin

The benefit

The new direction GmbH aligns its work with principles decisive for success. With a pronounced solution mindset, strong team spirit, outstanding commitment and absolute goal orientation the new direction significantly contributed to the consequent achievement of the goal.

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