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Digital Emotional Leadership®

Digitization influences leadership behavior. Acquire a new mindset and benefit from the edge over the competition. With our topics page, we show you how you, as an executive, have to personally evolve in the future.

How can the Program for Digital Emotional Leader® help you?
  • Although you know that staffing requirements change, do you also change something in your leadership style?
  • You want to prepare and motivate your staff for the digital future?
  • You want to respond with your team effectively and fast to the requirement of digitization?

With our workshop program, we support you in adapting your mindset and your leadership qualities to the modern requirement of digitization. Learn the necessary methods and the right mindset in a small group, together with top executives.

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In the course of digitization business models and companies evolve extremely fast and technologies are applied which are driven by radical innovation.

The competition in the market does not sleep.

In a few years, your competitors will employ tools and programs with automated processes, relieving the staff and providing for new potential.

It is necessary to think about the future of your company now.

Objectives of the Digital Emotional Leadership® Program

With the “Digital Emotional Leadership®” workshop we start on the very top of your company. We as new direction already work with this concept and therefore we know that you as an executive have to adapt to the new circumstances and have to develop accordingly.

Just imagine:

  • With new management concepts your staff members stay constantly motivated, enjoy confidence and work at their best.
  • Innovative technology und methods are integrated in your company and create the difference to the competition. Optimized processes enable faster decisions and produce better results.
  • Using technology is game-changing. You gain attention by using innovative concepts. New customers are interested in your deliverables and inquire about possibilities of cooperation.

Emotional Staff Management in Companies

For the future strategy, the focus is on motivation and innovation. In the course of digitization, as a leader, you should prepare your staff for this. Moreover, the staff should be motivated to deal with new methods, processes and ideas.

You can reach these goals professionally in your company by applying systemic emotional leadership skills

Hierarchies Disappear – More Responsibilities for Staff Members

Tasks, processes and methods do not have to be structured the way it once was. In modern companies the generation Y takes over more and more activities. In this connection, the procedure adapts to the corresponding requirements.

Members of the staff want more responsibility, freer ways of working and an open work culture.

The leader needs to respond to this. As Digital Emotional Leader® the participants of the workshop learn the concept and the measures.

Applying Technology Specifically for a Head Start

Depending on the industry, robots resp. programs take over automated standard operations, leading to jobs being eliminated and new ones formed. As a Digital Emotional Leader® you can handle this and make the staff join in.

The keyword is motivation rather than fear.

New business models will result from the application of new technologies.

It is time to anticipate, at an early stage, such future technologies and to apply them for your business which gives you an advantage over your competition to win new customers.

The Future Changes Project Development

With new approaches and a new mindset, the future will also change the implementation of projects, be it by using systemic organizational development or RapidImpact, in order to approach projects with a totally new focus and to master them successfully.

The success of digitization is evident in the fact how fast and effective a company in competition can react to the new emerging requirements. 

With the Digital Emotional Leader® the mindset as a basis is already set.

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