individuelle softwareentwicklung

Individual Software Development

For us software projects are people projects. We develop software which exactly fits your requirements. On our topics page, we elaborate in detail on individual software, on its advantages and the associated costs.
How can the new direction GmbH support you with individual software development?
  • You have complex and costly processes in your company which you would like to solve in a digital and automated manner?
  • You cannot find an appropriate software for your application?
  • You hover between standard and individual software?

As a software company and consultancy for individual software we assist you in your decision making. We show you the advantages and disadvantages and provide frank advice regarding which solution is best suited for you.

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We develop the individual software for your requirements fast and application safe. We compile new solutions with you which bring your company the head start in the market due to the technological progress.

Definition: What does individual software mean?

When do we talk about individual software and in how far can it be differentiated from other software?
Individual software development is tailored to a requirement or special application. The programming of individual software is typically realized for a company which therefore has the application rights. The contrary is standard software which can be sold and used by everybody.

Advantages of individual software development

Technological lead over the competition
Optimal adaptation to existing systems
Great potential for internal process optimization
Direct contact to the software manufacturer
Adaptation of the software to the customer base
Subsequent extensions and change requests possible

Individual implementation of projects from consultation to launch

Our method is project encompassing. We start at the very beginning, discuss with you the why and in what way your requirements can be solved.

For us software projects are first of all also people projects. In the discussion, we define the requirements for the development of the software.

Who needs when, how, where, which information?

In individual software development, comprehensive consultation is very important in order to ensure a holistic approach and thus optimally targeted processes in the development.

We approach the realization of individual software projects using our own generated developer method RapidImpact®.

Specialists in C#, .Net, mySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

Our team consists of talented and experienced programmers. Software development is our great passion therefore we work with different programming languages depending on the respective project.  

For Augmented Reality apps and Virtual Reality applications mainly C# is used. In combination with the Unity engine we develop professional apps and software.

For the implementation of websites HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuerys play an important role. 

In case of individual software, it may often be advisable to reflect on the further development of Open-source Software.

Costs for individual software projects

In general, the costs for individual software development are higher than for standard software. However, we always have to take into consideration the return on such an investment.

Individual software developments serve the purpose respectively solve the problem 100%, thus generating more turnover, increasing savings due to process optimization and higher acceptance by the employees. 

Projects of our reference clients

In our 20 years as a software manufacturer for individual software we have worked together successfully with numerous clients at new direction.

Client project with Audi

Digital Retail can look like this. The Cyberstore Audi City is a development with Virtual Reality and other technologies which lets you experience Audi digital in store.

Client project with BMW

With the individually programmed software for BMW the metrology in the EMC department has been automated and therefore the evaluation highly optimized.

Client project with TÜV Süd

The internal billing process was redesigned. The individual software automates the crediting process and therefore reduces the costs of accounts payable.

Innovative consultation

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