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As a digital company, we support you with our wide-ranging expertise by providing comprehensive advice on efficient implementation.

We drive the Digital Transformation. We shape the future through software development. We rely on methods that enable us to quickly and successfully achieve innovative results. We create software that inspires!


Individual Software Development

Overview and meticulousness
As a software company, we have been focusing on individual software development for over 20 years. You as a customer and your special requirements are the focus of our work. With effective agile methods and processes we work in small teams, also directly at your site.
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augmented reality

Augmented Reality

Relevant information on-site
Augmented Reality projects computer generated contents into the real world. An AR capable device can display and visualize objects and information. There are also for AR numerous applications that can support companies in marketing or product positioning.
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künstliche intelligenz

Artificial Intelligence

Thinks for you
Already today many tasks are carried out by machines with artificial intelligence. The possibilities are enormous and the big industrial corporations press ahead with it fast. How can you use AI for your company?
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app entwicklung

App Entwicklung

Loyalty in the Pocket
iOS, Android or another system. When it comes to app development we are well-positioned with our professional and versatile app development team. You establish closeness and loyalty with an app. We take you into the pockets of your customers.
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information security

Information security & data protection

Protect your company
Data security has a high priority for companies today. We guide you through the requirements around ISO 27001, TISAX, DSGVO and Co.
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