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We implement app ideas quickly and professionally. Our developers are professionals in dealing with native and hybrid apps for Android, iOS and internet browsers. On our topic page, we show you what to consider in an app project
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We at new direction are professionals in developing Native Apps for iOS and Android, but also for progressive web apps.

We are the right partner if you want to tackle an app project successfully and quickly. After an initial assessment, we go straight into implementation and professionally deliver a top result.

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Nowadays there are various possibilities for app development. The important key factor in all this is the user experience.

With our FAQ section on app development, we would like to give you an initial overview of what needs to be thought about during development and already during planning.

Technical know-how and agile project work are key prerequisites

Errors in the planning stage of a project can have far-reaching consequences.

With our new RapidImpact Method there is always a clear overview and therefore errors are detected fast and can be solved in due course. 

It is important for us to have a precise understanding of you as client and your requirements and to regularly align with you developed substeps in recurring feedback loops.

This way the development of the app takes the optimal direction.

FAQ for App Development

An app brings you closer to your customers. Are you ready to take a closer look at app development? We have answered in detail some initial questions which many interested parties are asking. We would be pleased to discuss more extensive and individual questions with you personally.

App project – what needs attention?

Every app project starts with an idea. But first, the following considerations are necessary:

  • Who is the target group of the app?
  • What is the main benefit of the app?
  • Are there any competing apps for this idea?
  • How can the app be monetized?

With these considerations the app project can be started.

How much does it cost to have an app developed?

The costs for an app can vary considerably. The price depends on factors such as the type of app, the supporting platforms or the requirements on the features. A rough estimate for a simple app is around 10,000 Euros.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Also the development time of an app depends on the factors demanded by the client or the situation he brings with him. For example, is there already a design or an internal structure?

Such preparations reduce the development time.

A general answer to this question can therefore not be given. A good guideline for simple apps is one to two months. Larger projects take several months.

What does the future of app development look like?

Native apps have to be developed individually for each device and platform. The latest trend is towards progressive web apps which can be used through a browser which, however, feel like a normal native app.

For developers this type of apps would be a great simplification as it would no longer be necessary to develop for different systems. 

Who can develop an app for me?

We are your specialist for app development. The best is to schedule a free consultation to discuss your requirements. 

Android, iOS or Web App – which one should I focus on?

Both native apps and web apps have their advantages and it depends on the project if native or web app is recommendable.

Advantages of native apps: 

  • Optimized for the respective system
  • Good feedbacks in the app stores provide more downloads
  • Data can be stored on the device

Advantage of web apps:

  • No installation necessary
  • More favourable development
  • Offline mode after one-time loading possible

Additionally, there are hybrid app variants that take the best of both app solutions.

Are there any cross-platform apps?

Web apps are cross platform. Only one app has to be developed which works on different devices. Unfortunately not all browsers support progressive web app programming yet.

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