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Many developers work on open source software, which makes it a pioneer for innovative approaches. On our topic page, we show you how important the use of open software can be for the implementation of your individual projects.

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Numerous developers work on open-source projects. Since the code is freely visible for everyone, it can be used and modified for own applications. This saves costs, especially when developing individual software. More importantly, this way the wheel does not have to be reinvented.

What is open-source software?


Open-source software is a freely usable and publicly accessible software. Decisive for open-source software is not only the free access to the source code but rather the free use to modify the code and to use it without restrictions to licensees or application areas. 

Most open-source projects have a community of developers dealing with the software and jointly developing it.

Open-source technology is not the same as no-cost freeware. Most of the open-source programs and tools are indeed free of charge but can also be used for commercial purposes.

Since also changes and extensions are permitted, open-source software is particularly suitable for companies for which functions and individual possibilities of an open-software technology have to be extended.

Using open-source software for individual projects

The public use makes it possible for developers to program new functions for existing software. Thereby always the latest standard is used since the open-source software is regularly maintained and supervised by the community.

For a software project the following advantages and disadvantages result from the use of open-source software:

Advantages and disadvantages of using open-source software

Open Source Software Vorteile Nachteile

Open Standards

Open-source software is best suited when it comes to cooperation with other IT systems and software solutions. There are numerous integration possibilities due to the open standards.

Cost Factor:

Open-source software offers great potential for cost savings. The use is free of charge so that the developers can use the basics for individual projects.


Costs can also be saved for an entire project with open-source software since the development is not necessarily tied to an IT service provider.


The requirements for individual software can be implemented as desired. Due to the free use there are only minor restrictions.


The communities of the big open-source solutions are huge so that when using their software the quality is of the highest priority. Active communities continuously develop their software and take care of emerging bugs.


The source code is open and visible for everybody. This guarantees working with a high level of transparency.


Since numerous developers are concerned with the open-source software performance is high and continuous stability is guaranteed. 


Security gaps can occur in any software. The point is to find these and to close them. In the case of open-source software this is adjusted through the community.


The last advantage is the fast and continuous development by the community. Every developer can contribute his ideas and improve the code in his own way. In this way completely new approaches and possibilities come to light.


It goes without saying that with so much openness also insecurity may arise. Although everything is accessible, it is uncertain how the software will be developed in the long run.


A direct contact person for the support of the software does not exist in this sense. The communities and experts help each other in case of questions. For professional users, however, this is not a relevant problem.

Relevant open-source software in web development

The open-source principle is known worldwide. These big, well-known companies are just a few examples:

  • Google 
  • Oracle 
  • Sun 
  • Novell 

Open-source software which numerous users rely on and which is continuously developed is:

  • Android 
  • Apache 
  • Linux 
  • LibreOffice 
  • Mozilla 
  • Firefox 
  • Magento 
  • Typo3
  • Wordpress

The decision: Individual or open- source software

If you want to realize a software project you are faced with exactly this question.

Open-source software or commercial software?

The difference is on one hand associated with the financial side and on the other with flexibility and independence. An individual software tailored only to your needs and requirements is usually associated with more effort and expenses, however, fulfills exactly the intended use.

If you opt for standard software then license fees will be incurred which do not exist with open-source software, this is the financial difference. 

The second big difference is flexibility and independence. When using open-source software respectively the extension of an open-source software you are not necessarily tied to an IT service provider.

That way you keep paths and freedoms open that may become important to you in the course of the project.

The solution to this decision is often the extension of open-source software as individual software

The basic module of the software can be used and supplemented with individual add-ons for obtaining the desired features. As a competent partner we verify if it makes sense for your project to build on open-source.

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