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Our new developed method overshadows SCRUM and other methods in software development by providing faster results and higher efficiency. In this section, we present the method and show how we revolutionize software development with this.
How can the new direction GmbH support you?
  • How many meetings do you have with your team?
  • Does this slow down your process and curb your productivity?
  • Would you like to reduce possible follow-up costs of a software project?

With our new and optimized developer method, we revolutionize software development. The overview is assumed by an IntelliMaster so that meetings and processes lead to faster results. Moreover, the quality of the projects is secured and of high standard.

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In software development, there are various methods to produce a result. Time and quality are often two factors which can differ significantly.

Die method RapidImpact contains the best from Agile processes and for example the SCRUM method, and supplies faster and better results than the other methods.

What makes the method RapidImpact so special?

The method is used in software development and systemic organizational development. A higher intelligence (the IntelliMaster) provides for faster efficiency than SCRUM and Agile could ever do. The higher intelligence has to consist of two persons.

Projects are very effectively planned by simultaneous involvement of the client and the period of implementation is minimized.

At least once a week the client is live with the developer team and verifies if the results meet the expectations.

In this manner, the prototyping is started faster than with SCRUM.

With RapidImpact there are the following advantages:

  • Fast and quality tested results
  • No bugs when going live 
  • Client saves training period
  • Less follow-up costs

The method revolutionizes software development

The method RapidImpact is a newly developed procedure of the new direction GmbH. The problem of constant meetings in SCRUM is eliminated and the overview assigned to one resp. two persons, the IntelliMaster.

The pooling of the organization on one or two persons creates the necessary speed.

Here at new direction we use this method among others for the development of individual software.

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