systemische organisationsentwicklung

Systemic Organizational Development

The digital transformation in companies is more than implementing technology. Systemic organizational development combines the technological and human side. On our topics page, we address in detail working with methods and processes.
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  • You want to establish yourself for the future as a leading company in your industry?
  • You are concerned with digital transformation and digital change?

We support you in establishing your company sustainably and successfully for the future. Starting from a solid base we advise you in disruptive business models and the application of systemic methods. 

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In organizational development branch-specific experts concentrate only on the solution and how it can be integrated in a company. The goal is, with an external view, to bring a company on a new level by restructuring and introducing new software programs.

However, this approach leads to problems since every organization is unique and requires an individual course of action.

Systemic organizational development starts exactly at this point and concentrates on the individual organization with its interpersonal relations.

What does Systemic Organizational Development mean?

Systemic organizational development is a method of corporate consulting with the particularity to expand individually on single organizations. This offers the advantage that executives and staff work together as a team on the change in the company.

Important is the following entrepreneurial key question: 

Are we a vital company that, from the customer`s perspective, offers superior service while increasing the profitability and acting sustainably?

Who as a company asks this question will develop solutions and ideas with which the employees are more satisfied with their work while the profitability of the company is increased.

At this point get also information on our workshop program for “Digital Emotional Leadership”.

Working with systemic methods and processes

As new direction, we are trained and apply the systemic organizational development ourselves in our projects. With our new ideas, the system has been reasonably completed and made practicable.

A strong competence is the prerequisite to approach projects in this manner.

Only this approach leads to an optimized process and a comprehensive method.

The methods focus on communication as well as flexible and differentiated reacting on complex applications. Motivational exercises and intervention situations take center stage. 

How do we support you with this?

It is essential to avoid the declination of confidence between boss and employees because at the same time it increases the fluctuation rate and costs disproportionately.

We support you in your company to implement projects faster and more successful with systemic organizational development.

This establishes quality of the interpersonal relations of your employees. The company as a community of solidarity jointly looks ahead to the future to be transformed.

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