We live modern work culture

As a technological and dynamic enterprise, we promote the expertise and interaction of our employees.
The new direction GmbH is a top-performing company with employees’ participation. The interaction is very important to us since together we can achieve big things.

The „first name basis" in the company

The “first name basis” is an essential prerequisite with our flat hierarchies. Everyone in the team knows each other. The interaction is informal and amicably. In a pleasant environment, we are more efficient.

Mutual appreciation

Modern work culture means for new direction above all mutual appreciation and a high degree of self-responsibility. New direction lives entrepreneurship in a completely revolutionary way.

Trust agreement instead of employment contract

Trust is an absolutely important value for us. Step by step work contracts are abolished and substituted by trust agreements.

Stake in the company

We offer a magnificent chance. The virtual share turns our members of staff to co-entrepreneurs. Together we can pursue big goals.

Personal development

There is a personal development plan for every employee. Intrinsically motivated learning and to reconcile his personal goals in life with the company is our objective.

Rapid Implementation

Every idea receives immediately a budget. Ideas are immediately implemented and not slaughtered by discussion. Projects are visibly displayed and addressed for all in the company.

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