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Digital Strategy

A successful digital strategy prepares you and your company for the world of tomorrow and beyond. If you do not start today to prepare for the technological change, it may have fatal consequences. On our topics page, we elaborate on measures which make you understand the need for digital strategy and how to use it successfully.

How can the new direction GmbH support you in the area of Digital Strategy?

  • You want to pay attention to new business models and a serious strategy but you don’t know where to start?
  • You want to position yourself strategically in your market ahead of the competition?
  • You want to extend your company strategy with the right digital components?

As a digital strategy consulting firm, we work on your goals closely together with you. We deeply immerse into your processes in order to apprehend the inner core of a successful digital strategy.

Let us discuss your company structure and your objectives together in an innovative and free consultation.


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Technology develops faster and faster and processes can be optimized. Do not get outpaced by the competition.

But where do you start do develop a suitable digital strategy?

We provide you the necessary support to take your company to the next level.

We make your company fit for the future

In the beginning we develop a digital vision in close cooperation. Individual strategy scenarios can be derived from it and we effectively and successfully position your company in the digital environment.

In the course of developing the digital strategy, we always keep in view the technological as well as the profit side.

A successful business future is our objective for you.

We always have one idea more how you, as our client, can become even more successful. We do not serve your competitors and work hard so you excel and surpass the competition.

Measures for a successful digital strategy

Digitization changes markets, customers and business processes. We analyze and support you in prevailing over your competition and in discovering new business models and opportunities. We make disruption possible by applying technological progress.

We use methods which allow us to implement the digital strategy and technological progress fast and reliably in your company.

Approach to develop a digital strategy:

Digitale Strategie Vorgehensweise

A purely technical analysis does not suffice

For the digital strategy, it is not enough to just focus on the technical possibilities and the progress of development. The digital strategy receives far more influence from the society and the customers. Hence, there are several factors to consider for the analysis:

  • Technological Progress 
  • Social Conditions 
  • Benefit to Man  
  • Impact on Society

The situation and market analysis considers the current conditions. Which technology is already in use in the company and on the market?

Starting from this point, it has to be established which development the industry, market and customers will take.

Depending on these results the analysis shows clearly, how your company has to change in the market and which areas have to be addressed.

Example: Autonomous Driving

In view of the development in autonomous driving, a taxi company should be concerned how to remain competitive in the future. To this end, it is necessary to keep track of both the technological progress and the application by the user.

The Vision: What do you want to achieve?

When the starting situation is shown, the picture for the future can be derived from it.

The digital vision is the goal towards which you work as a company.

  • How do you envision the future?
  • What do your customers need?
  • Who are the customers of the future?

The digital world will significantly change the future. Who does not think big today, might run later after the fast development.

Possibilities to implement the vision

The digital vision supplies the ideal starting points to which your digital strategy should refer to.

In the course of this the following questions arise:

  • How should the company change internally?
  • Which new business models emerge for us? 
  • How do we create a disruptive head start by technological progress?

We help you to find answers

In answering the above questions, we support you with our professional know how.

Best would be to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with us, and we discuss how the change can be implemented successfully in your company.

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