The WSJF method

Optimization of resource allocation for maximum impact

Maximize the value of your resources

In today's dynamic business environment, the effective allocation of resources is critical to an organization's success. The Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) method is an outstanding technique that helps organizations make the best use of their limited resources to achieve maximum value.

Achieving scalable agility

The WSJF method was first introduced as part of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and has since proven to be extremely effective, not only for companies striving for agility, but also for organizations of various sizes and industries.

Optimizing the use of resources

Essentially, the WSJF method aims to identify bottlenecks and ensure that resources are directed to those activities that generate the greatest economic benefit. This is done by evaluating work orders based on four main criteria:

Job size (size of the work order)

Die geschätzte Größe des Arbeitsauftrags, gemessen beispielsweise in Story Points oder Arbeitsstunden.

User/Business Value

Der Wert, den die Fertigstellung des Arbeitsauftrags für den Kunden oder das Unternehmen generiert.

Time Criticality

Die Dringlichkeit, mit der der Arbeitsauftrag abgeschlossen werden muss, um den größtmöglichen Nutzen zu erzielen.

Risk reduction/opportunity enablement

Das Potenzial des Arbeitsauftrags, Risiken zu reduzieren oder neue Chancen zu eröffnen.

Effective use of resources through objective prioritization

By evaluating and weighting these criteria, the WSJF method enables an objective prioritization of work assignments. This allows organizations to ensure that their limited resources are focused on those activities that will achieve the greatest benefit and impact.

Flexible, adaptable and versatile

Another key advantage of the WSJF method is its flexibility and adaptability. It can be used for both short-term tactical decisions and long-term strategic planning. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated into existing workflows and project management methods, making it an extremely versatile and practical tool.

Transparent prioritization for long-term corporate success

The WSJF method provides organizations with a clear and transparent method for prioritizing work assignments and optimizing their resource allocation. By focusing on those activities that bring the greatest economic benefit, companies can increase their competitiveness, minimize risks and ensure long-term success.

Long-term added value for the company

Overall, the WSJF method is an indispensable tool for organizations that want to use their resources effectively and maximize their business success.


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