Customer successes

new direction stands for successful, cross-industry projects and long-term, trusting customer relationships.

Solution-oriented expertise

new direction has successfully implemented projects for well-known companies.
These projects demonstrate the ability to develop cross-industry, customized digital solutions that are tailored to specific customer requirements and objectives.

Lasting customer loyalty

The many years of cooperation with outstanding customers demonstrate new direction's ability to build lasting, trusting relationships.
These partnerships are based on a deep understanding of customer needs and the delivery of high-quality digital solutions.

Meaningful projects

AL-KO smartphone app for more safety on the road

The vehicle technology specialist offers its customers even more security for their caravan vacation via the 2LINK connectivity system.
The app required for this was developed by new direction GmbH.
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Experience Audi digitally

In 2012, a highly innovative project is launched on time and in full: the cyberstore for Metropole, the world's first digital showroom
- Audi City.
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Significantly improved flow of key business processes at APZ GmbH

How can productivity and customer acquisition be noticeably and sustainably increased through customized software?
That was the key question for our customer APZ GmbH.
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Customized software for internal measurements at BMW

The evaluation of different data is implemented directly in the vehicle control unit with the new software.
Automation makes the processes much more efficient.
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Europcar: Innovation through customized software

Our software revolutionizes Europcar's fleet management and appraisal process, optimizes the resale of end-of-life vehicles and forms the heart of the commercial vehicle sector.
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SIXT: Efficient vehicle management with new web application

Our innovative web application for SIXT enables comprehensive control of fleet management as well as vehicle registration and deregistration through the FACT system developed by us.
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Automated credit note procedure at TÜV

new direction has also improved the processes at TÜV Süd through automation.
The standard procedure with time-consuming manual steps was completely replaced by the new system.
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Advantages of digital products


Our solutions adapt dynamically to your growing requirements so that you can easily grow with your company.

Increased efficiency

By automating and optimizing processes, we maximize efficiency in your company and save time and resources.

Competitive advantage

With unique functions and innovative solutions, you position yourself as an industry leader and win the loyalty of your customers.

Data-based decisions

Our analytics tools provide precise insights to help you make informed business decisions and optimize your performance.

Improving the customer experience

Through intuitive user interfaces and personalized functions, we create a seamless experience that inspires and retains your customers.

Future security

Our solutions are designed to stay relevant in the long term and protect your company from new challenges.


With our software, you can react quickly to market changes and take advantage of new business opportunities without compromising your efficiency.

Cost savings

By increasing efficiency and avoiding manual tasks, we reduce your operating costs and increase your profitability.


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