AL-KO makes Caravaning fit for the future

AL-KO makes Caravaning fit for the future

The company AL-KO has long made a name for itself in the field of vehicle technology. They implement innovative lightweight technology that promises more comfort, safety and driving dynamics.

The Problem

People who go on camping vacations often take their entire home with them in the form of a caravan. This is simply attached to the car and thus extends the vehicle. The problem was that this meant an unstable driving style during evasive maneuvers and fast bends.

As AL-KO already had a number of products in the caravan sector, this problem was also to be solved technically with the Trailer Control (ATC) anti-skid system and digitally with the development of an app.

The Goal

The caravan was to be technically equipped with the latest systems in order to offer the driver the greatest possible safety and comfort on the road. In addition, the driver should always be able to keep an eye on the technology digitally with an app and be able to detect problems in real time.

The Solution

The vehicle technology was enhanced with the ATC so that the caravan can be kept better on track. This made AL-KO one of the first suppliers to introduce sensor technology in the chassis. The 2LINK box was installed directly in the drawbar area.

The box was given an interface to the individually developed app via Bluetooth. The app is available to users free of charge for both iOS and Android.

The driver can see the status of his 2LINK Box on the app at any time during the journey.

Additional features available via the smartphone app are

  1. Operating instructions for AL-KO products
  2. Route plan to the nearest service station
  3. Spirit level function for aligning the caravan

The Benefits

The smartphone app makes AL-KO's newly developed caravan technology accessible to the user. The app offers an intuitive and quick way to keep an eye on the 2LINK Box and make settings.

At new direction GmbH, we implement these and similar solutions quickly and reliably. If you have any questions or specific concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.


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