Carad: Individual software for internal measuring at BMW

Carad: Individual software for internal measuring at BMW

BMW Group AG, headquartered in Munich, is a leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.

The Core Problem

As part of the EMC measurements of vehicle control units, it is necessary to summarize information from various areas during documentation.

Fault memory entries are read out, bus traffic is logged, visual inspections are carried out and measurement data is recorded.

The lack of interfaces between the existing tools means that the information from the different areas has to be compiled into a report by hand, which is a time-consuming process.

Furthermore, at least two employees have to supervise the measurement without interruption in order to take note of as many incidents as possible and generally keep measurement errors to a minimum.

The Aim

To optimize the measurement result and minimize the use of resources.

The Solution

new direction supported the internal EMC department in drawing up the solution concept and in discussions with the other system partners. new direction drew up all the concept and implementation documents.

To demonstrate the viability of the solution concept, it implemented interface prototypes with the system partners.

The solution was then implemented by new direction and put into operation in collaboration with the internal EMC department and the system partners.

Subsequently, new direction provided user training and has been responsible for maintaining and expanding the solution ever since.

The Benefits

The solution ensures automatic, seamless monitoring of all systems. The implementation of precise detection of measurement events enables the automated logging of all relevant events in real time.

To maximize the overview for the measurement personnel, the current areas are visualized in real time and all event-related system data is also logged.

Thanks to its system independence, the solution can also be used on a laptop and, depending on the connected system, can also be used purely for fault memory analysis or visualization.

The solution has considerably reduced the workload of the measuring personnel. The accuracy of the measurement protocol has increased the informative value of the protocol enormously.

At new direction GmbH, we implement these and similar solutions quickly and reliably. If you have any questions or specific concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. 


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