new direction receives the NewWork Excellence seal of approval

new direction receives the NewWork Excellence seal of approval

We at new direction GmbH are delighted to have received the NewWork Excellence award from bayme vbm, the employers' association of the metal and electrical industry in Bavaria. With this seal of quality, bayme vbw recognizes particularly agile work concepts.

It was exciting for us to find out what the degree of agility in our company really looks like during the "QuickCheck NewWork". We have been successful in individual software development for 20 years and invest a lot in agile working methods and the well-being of our employees - but how well do we really perform in this area?

New Work: The new way of working

The topic of New Work is on everyone's lips. In times of digitalization and globalization, working conditions and employee expectations are changing. Today's employees want more responsibility, but also more freedom, flexibility and fun at work. Companies need to adapt to this and say goodbye to entrenched structures.

Ultimately, employers and customers also benefit enormously from this new working environment and the new cooperation within the company. We, too, have always relied on flat hierarchies and a family atmosphere within the company. Why? Because our employees see themselves as part of a team that pulls together - the internal WE feeling is what makes us really strong and successful.

I love my job because people care about me as a person and about my professional development. There is a real team spirit and common goals. - Julia, Project Management

Handing over responsibility

At new direction, we realized early on how important it is to hand over responsibility to employees. We are aware that the digital age requires faster action - but this presupposes that mistakes, undesirable developments and failed projects are discussed openly. In order to help our colleagues to surpass themselves, we need a working culture in which nobody has to be afraid of making mistakes.

This is why we have a positive error culture: nobody has to fear the consequences of making a mistake. We accept mistakes and see them as a learning opportunity. Together, we do everything we can to turn mistakes into opportunities that ultimately help us move forward.

We have a positive, informal atmosphere and support each other beyond work. We don't have hierarchies, but "roles". Everyone is given the opportunity to develop professionally with us. - Marianna, Project Manager and Data Protection Officer

Being agile

But what does agility mean? Agile working is a structured form of collaboration that makes it easier for a company to react to changes. This allows it to adapt more quickly to new circumstances and work successfully. Above all, agility requires transparency and communication at eye level within the company. Companies can only be more successful in the long term if every employee gives their best every day and doesn't just do their time.

The "QuickCheck NewWork" was therefore about finding out what our agile progress looks like in terms of leadership, organization, skills, working models and cultural change. Our result: new direction GmbH achieved very high scores in all areas and therefore scored above average. We are delighted with this result and will continue to do everything we can to remain an innovative company.

I like working for new direction because there is a familiar working atmosphere here and I can develop personally. - Nico, Software Developer


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