Optimizing processes with the help of software: Is it worth it?

Optimizing processes with the help of software: Is it worth it?

Would you also like your employees not to skip steps in workflows, overlook details or repeat tasks unnecessarily? Then it would be important to optimize and standardize your processes with the help of software. In this way, you can ensure that your business processes guarantee compliance and conformity in the way you work.

In our blog article, we show you how process optimization with software can lead your company to greater productivity, efficiency and reliability.

Optimizing processes with the help of software: Is it worth it?

Process automation uses software to automate repetitive tasks that require manual effort. Many companies use such software for functions that allow employees to focus their efforts on other important activities, for example to generate more sales. Overall, there are a large number of business processes that can be highly automated in many cases today. Examples of this could be

  • Marketing and sales: Automated marketing emails, sales offers, sales tracking and reports
  • Administrative tasks: Automated HR functions such as payroll, time tracking, tax withholding calculation and payment processing
  • IT and technical services: Automated maintenance and status reports, problem tickets and solutions
  • Distribution/logistics: Automated shipping routing, labeling and shipment tracking

There are also many advantages associated with process optimization:

  • Operational efficiency: You can reduce the amount of work associated with processes and/or even reduce labor costs
  • Productivity: Speed up processes so work is completed faster and with less repetition
  • Better staff assignment: Employees can be assigned to work that better fits their talents. Employees are more satisfied with their work and employers benefit most from the talent of each individual.
  • Cost reduction: The efficient use of time gives companies the opportunity to increase performance without having to expand the workforce or reduce labor costs and keep performance at the same level
  • More time for innovation: such software can reduce employee frustration and give them more time in the workday, which tends to speed up work, encourage problem solving and drive innovation
  • Better overview: Leadership gets the ability to follow a business process closely and understand the individual steps. This makes it easier to refine processes for faster and better business results.
Prozesse mithilfe von Software optimieren

Process optimization: Example based on a customer

In order to better illustrate the principle, we would like to use the example of a customer to show how much benefit process optimization with the help of software has brought him.

At a German car manufacturer, it was necessary to summarize information from various areas during the documentation phase of EMC measurements of vehicle control units. However, the lack of interfaces between the existing tools meant that the information had to be laboriously compiled into a report by hand. At least two employees also had to supervise the measurement without interruption in order to keep measurement errors to a minimum.

We initially supported the internal EMC department in creating a solution concept. We then implemented the software solution and put it into operation in collaboration with the internal EMC department and the system partners.

Subsequently, new direction carried out the user training. Since then, we have also been responsible for maintaining and expanding the solution.

The aim of the collaboration was to optimize the measurement results and minimize resources. Was this successful in the end?

The results are impressive: Since its introduction, the software solution has ensured automated, seamless monitoring of all systems. All relevant events are automatically logged in real time.

Thanks to its system independence, the solution can also be used on a laptop and, depending on the connected system, can also be used purely for fault memory analysis or visualization.

The software solution has also considerably reduced the workload of the measuring personnel. The informative value of the log benefits from greater accuracy.


Automated business processes are essential in order to develop flexibility, efficiency and sustainability and to remain competitive.

If you would also like to optimize your business processes with software and are looking for the right partner to implement your ideas: new direction GmbH is at your disposal with all its software expertise. If you have any questions or specific concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.


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