Development excellence through our versatile tech stack

Development excellence through our versatile tech stack

Our tech stack is the foundation for our business solutions and enables us to develop efficient and high-quality products that meet our customers' requirements.

In our development practice, we rely on agile methods such as SAFe and Scrum to ensure flexibility and fast response times. Through value-driven development, we ensure that our solutions always offer the greatest possible benefit for our customers. BPMN and Pidiartify/PDA support us in modeling and automating business processes, while we use advanced process engines with Camunda and Processcube.

Our focus on process automation and optimization ensures that our projects are carried out efficiently and according to the desired standards (e.g. Scrum, SAFe, PRINCE2, V-Model XT).

In the area of software development, we attach great importance to clean code, which ensures the maintainability and scalability of our solutions. Our team of experts is proficient in a variety of technologies, including .NET, ASP, C#, Visual Basic and Dotnet Core for backend development, as well as Angular, JavaScript and ReactJS for responsive and engaging user interfaces.

Utilizing cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure allows us to develop and deploy scalable and secure applications. We are also experienced in developing mobile apps for Android and iOS, including augmented reality, using Flutter and Swift.

Our technology stack also includes advanced areas such as algorithms, deep learning and artificial intelligence. We use proprietary GPT models as well as custom GPT solutions to integrate innovative and intelligent features into our products.

To collaborate effectively and manage our projects, we rely on tools such as Azure DevOps, Confluence and JIRA. Communication and collaboration within our team is facilitated by platforms such as Discord, Slack and Teams. For development, we use a range of development environments such as Eclipse, Git, Rider, Visual Studio and Xcode to ensure our developers are able to reach their full potential and deliver high quality code.

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